Our Services

Laboratory Service

To ensure best selection of the process and equipment VMix offers a range of minerals processing test work, that is planned using a first principles approach to determine one characteristics and behaviour...

Pre-Feasibility Studies

We can conduct an order of magnitude study and provide a rough estimate of the scope of a potential project, the potential production values and the associated costs as well as the processing portion of a pre-feasibility study.

Manufacturing & Supply

We have full fledged in house manufacturing facilities and unit with Technically Skilled and experienced manufacturing team, Aims to produce cost effective and high quality material which give higher life service. Capable to design and manufacture customized as per application demand.

Design Engineering

Our Engineers create, analyse, and optimise each aspect of the equipment/plant design that seamlessly translates the specific needs of a application/ client into a final design that is clearly defined, customised accordingly and applies the high level of innovative design-thinking that has become synonymous with us. We aims to develop existing engineering equipment with new generation design that supports a more effective mineral recovery process and applies best practice principles to engineering challenges to develop a range of equipment with advanced controls and technology to ensure process efficiency. Continuous R&D positions at the forefront of innovation in designing equipment.


VMix has a reputation for applying innovative concepts to engineering challenges in order to find the best possible solutions. We have a team of experienced and innovative employees and consultants with a broad experience across the industry to ensure the optimisation of equipment, operation and maintenance performance. We are extended our service to execute Turnkey and EPC Peojects with A to Z service like Process Design and Development. Plant and layout Design, PFD, P&ID, Project Management, Construction Management, Plant Commissioning Trouble Shooting and optimisation.

Operations & Maintainance

Outsourcing the operations and maintenance of mineral processing facilities to VMix provides client with access to best practice methodology from experienced consultants, high levels of technical support and accelerated plant operations while allowing clients to focus on their core competencies. Working with clients to build a legitimate partnership that delivers on VMix value proposition, meets the clients expectations and that, ultimately, is integral and necessary to the overall success.