Flotation Cells

Conventional Flotation Cells

We have technological tie up with MPTeq for conventional flotation and MaxFlot for Dual extraction Column. One of the leading suppliers in the world in their unique design and features. We have two types of flotation cell Conventional and Dual Extraction Column to sort out power consumption problem and to achieve high yield and recovery in the existing comitative market. MPTeq have track record of successful.

Self induce optimal air will give full control on process parameters Cell design ensures each particle come to contact with air bubble Flotation system does not have air induced system.

Dual Extraction Column Cell

MaxFlot have track record of successful flotation plants operating in India, Africa, Australia and in UK. In India DEC successfully working in Iron ore tailing recovery, Coal, Silemenite and Barite Minerals with that in abroad it is working for copper, Phosphat and coal minerals

Features of VMix Flotation Cells