Flocculant Preparation & Dosing System

We design , manufacture and supply Flocculent dosing system for ultra big requirement as well as very small dosing requirement. These system are highly customized and available in plug and play type.

Flocculent plant shall be manufactured as per the VMix standard design. VMix process has proven records of supplying large nos. of flocculants plant. These are custom designed and also available in plug and play type. The capacity can be designed up to 4 ton of dry flocculant per day All units are taken through a full test programme prior to delivery. It offers a simple solution-install it, run it and it will work for you

Reagent Dosing & and Preparation System

In this department we design an entire plant depending on application. Custom made units meet our clients requirements and use the same technology as our flocculent plants, which are widely used in the market today.